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K-TEK AF64 Metal Treatment

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INCREASE POWER & DECREASE FUEL CONSUMPTION. K-Tek AF64 DECREASES fuel consumption by between 5 to 15%, it INCREASES power and performance, it LOWERS operating temperatures, QUIETS the engine and transmission and EXTENDS engine and transmission life up to 235%.
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K-TEK AF64 Metal Treatment
K-TEK AF64 Metal Treatment
K-TEK AF64 Metal Treatment
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By reducing friction by up to 97%, K-Tek:
DECREASES fuel consumption by between 5 to 15%
INCREASES power and performance
LOWERS operating temperatures
QUIETS the engine and transmission
EXTENDS engine and transmission life up to 235%

K-Tek is not a traditional oil or grease additive, but a new concept in metal treatments.
K-Tek is an advanced anti-friction metal treatment for ferrous (Fe) metals. 
K-Tek actually reacts with any ferrous based metal to make the surface smoother and harder. This means that there is less friction which results in lower energy consumption and longer equipment life.
K-Tek is actually absorbed into the metal and adds no volume to the fluid into which it is added.
K-Tek penetrates into ferrous metal and reduces friction on metal surfaces by up to 97% when compared to oil or grease alone. Even under heavy pressure when oil barriers are "squeezed" from the metal surfaces, K-Tek continues to protect the wear surfaces.
K-Tek is absorbed into metal so no oil has to be drained prior to adding K-Tek. 

K-Tek modifies metal surfaces, on a molecular level, at all friction areas. Reduced friction can best be illustrated using the industry standard Timken bearing test. In this test, a bearing is rotated in an oil bath and a metal "bullet" is lowered onto the bearing as increased weight is applied. The damage to the "bullet" and the time to achieve the damage reflects the anti-friction properties of the lubricant. The results clearly shown a massive reduction in the size of the wear scar following treatment with K-Tek (see image). 

K-Tek actually changes friction into "friction protection" as it rebuilds the metal surfaces using the by-products of the friction process. The pure iron that is worn off the friction area is modified and deposited into the low points of the friction surface. The resulting smooth surface area has a "diamond-like-hardness" that increases the load threshold by up to 10 times.